Swift Transport Training is one of Northern Ireland’s foremost providers of Driver CPC Periodic training to the LGV and PCV industry, currently providing very competitive rates for companies and councils both at our own Belfast premises and in-house.

We currently offer the following Taxi CPC courses:

  • Disability Equality and Inclusiveness (3.5 hours)
  • Taxi First Aid (3.5 hours)


Currently, only 7 hours TAXI CPC training are required for taxi drivers whose licence renewal date comes up between now and 1st September, 2017. But don’t forget, an EXTRA 7 hours is needed year on year (14 hours if your renewal date is between 1st September 2017 and 1st September 2018 etc.)

These courses are designed to be taken once a year for all taxi drivers, no matter what their renewal date is, in order not to end up with a big ‘panic bulge’ and drivers having to do up to 35 hours training at the last minute!

Please contact us on the phone number above to find out dates & times of upcoming Taxi CPC courses.

See details by selecting the relevant button below – our advice is don’t leave it too late!

New Taxi Drivers

From 31st October, 2014 new Taxi Drivers will have a 2-stage application process to complete.

Stage 1

Apply for a Taxi Driver Licence.

Stage 2

Apply for and pass

  • Taxi Driver Theory Test, then a
  • Taxi Driver Practical Test

Applicants can apply for Stages one and two at the same time but a Taxi Driver Licence will only be issued once all requirements have been met.

Where a licence is not issued a refund will not be available for any Taxi Driver Theory Tests and Taxi driver Practical Tests that have been conducted.

What is required to get a Taxi Driver License?

To obtain a Taxi Driver License, first time applicants must:

  • Have held a full driving license for at least 3 years
  • Be eligible to work in Northern Ireland
  • Meet the necessary good repute requirements
  • Have passed both the Taxi Driver Theory and Practical Tests

How much will it cost?

New Taxi Driver Fees Cost
Taxi Driver Theory Test £34.00
Taxi Driver Practical Test £60.00
Taxi Driver Practical Test £60.00
Taxi Driver Practical Test (Evening & Weekend) £90.00
Taxi Driver License Application £140.00

Current Taxi Driver License Holders

Renewing a License

From 31st October 2014, changes will be made to the way you renew your Taxi Driver Licence as a result of The Taxi Drivers’ Licences Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2014.

From 31st October 2014, if you apply to renew your Taxi Driver Licence within 2 years of its expiry date, you will be eligible to renew it without undertaking a Taxi Driver Theory and Practical Test.

However, if your Taxi Driver Licence expired more than 2 years before the date at which you apply to renew it, you will be treated as a New Taxi driver and will be subject to the New Taxi Driver Requirements (including the Taxi Driver Theory Test).

Periodic Training

If you are renewing your Taxi Driver Licence after 1st September 2016, you will need to have completed the equivalent of 7 hours Periodic Training per year. Click SHOW TAXI CPC (TDPT) above for more details.

Taxi Driver CPC Periodic Training (TDPT)

Taxi Driver Periodic Training (TDPT) has now been introduced in Northern Ireland. We shall be running courses from the 1st of August 2016 and special group rates are available.

Why you are doing training?

TDPT is designed to confirm and expand on existing knowledge and skills of each driver to ensure they continue to be safe, courteous and fuel efficient drivers.

This training will also enable drivers to keep up to date with ever-changing regulations and to benefit from training throughout their whole career.

Who needs Taxi Driver Periodic Training?

All Taxi Drivers renewing their Taxi Driver Licence from 1st September, 2016 will be required to complete an amount of periodic training.

This includes:

  • Public & Private Hire
  • Wedding and Funerals
  • Novelty Vehicles

How much Periodic Training do drivers require?

This depends on when you are due to renew your licence. See details below:

Taxi Drivers License Expires Hours Periodic Training required
1st Sept 2015 – 31st Aug 2016 Nil
1st Sept 2016 – 31st Aug 2017 7 Hours
1st Sept 2017 – 31st Aug 2018 14 Hours
1st Sept 2018 – 31st Aug 2019 21 Hours
1st Sept 2019 – 31st Aug 2020 28 Hours
1st Sept 2020 onwards (Must be done within 5 years immediately preceding the date) 35 Hours

Who can deliver training? How does it work?

  • All current JAUPT Approved Training Centres.
  • Our Centre Number is AC00329
  • All courses are uploaded to the DSA and will be credited to your taxi license
  • Course duration is in blocks of 3 1/2 hours or multiples of 3 1/2 hours

Taxi Driver theory and practical tests can be booked online since 31st October 2014

For more information on booking a test visit – Click Here